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Rockingham Mall Sept. 8, 2017

Summer Colors Aug-2017

Horse in the Window 7-30-2107

Morif #1 - Down the Alley

Bell Flowers 7-17-2017

Something Blue 7-15-2017

Hosta 7-10-2017

Psychedelic Irises-May30-2017

Boston Bistro

There's a Storm Coming 5-26-2017

Steven Coolidge Flower Garden 10-4-2015

Millpond 05-12-2017

Hosta at Millpond-10-5-2015

Millpond Flower 05-16-2017

Geraniums in Garder-5-16-2017

Trail in the Woods-10-4-2015

Red and Gold Leaves on the tree 10-4-2015

Single Hydrangeas 10-4-2015

Flowers and Leaves 10-04-2015

Flowers and Leaves B&W-10-4-2015